The Story Behind FNB

How FNB Was Born

Flame N Beauty is a mother-daughter owned small business. What started out as a fun outing as a birthday gift for a friend to a local candle making class ended up igniting a spark within me!
As I created my first candle I not only fell in love with the scent I made but also the sense of pride I felt knowing I blended & made this myself; I was hooked!  What quickly became a hobby I knew I wanted to share my creations & creative expression with others. As I immersed myself into the candle industry I soon discovered my love for sculptural candles.
Sculptural candles add an additional layer to the candle experience creating a sense of art and self expression. 
I loved the concept of being able to combine my love of scents with something that was also so unique, beautiful an aesthetically pleasing.
Why should candles just be about scent and not also a beautiful statement piece?
The feeling struck a nerve & I realized as humans we do this everyday; limit ourselves! Things & people are often never all they seem to be. We are more than what we look like, what we do, what we have etc and that is where the concept of the Not Just A...Collection stemmed from. I wanted to create a space for people to embrace their multi faceted nature and be surrounded by candles that were not just a candle but also a beautiful representation of ones personal style & self expression."


Meet The Markers

The Daughter

By trade I have been in the finance industry for many years. An industry known more for its logical, analytical, left brain activities if you will. For so long my creative side was suppressed and not being nurtured. I have always had a love for logic, numbers as well as creativity my whole life but I have always only just fed one side or the other. The creativity and pride I felt creating my own candle made me realize that this is what my life was missing. That blend of logic & creativity, statistics & imagination etc.

I'm not just an analytical I am also a creative and until all sides of me were acknowledged and allowed to flourish I wouldn’t ever feel my happiest and most fulfilled self. 


The Mother

Nothing forces growth upon you more than having kids early an immigrating to a new country with no guidance on how to navigate this new found responsibility and life. My whole life has been spent taking care of others. Whether it was my kids or my patients at the hospital where I worked. Everything was always about serving others. As I neared retirement my daughter encouraged me to embark on a journey for myself! An avid lover of crafts an anything home decor I never made time to nurture my creativity. Flame N Beauty is a testament that it's never too late to start something new, to grow, or to challenge yourself! 

I'm not just a mom or a retiree! I'm a woman of passion, creativity, and so much life still ahead of her!